Sunday, March 20, 2011


Woke up today and had croissant. Later, I watched TV till 11.30am. Got ready and left at 1pm. By the time I arrived in the city, it was 2pm. J and I walked to 2 different JB Hifi outlets to look for his screen protector.

The search was fruitless. Anyway, we met up with J, AW, and B. Took the bus to Kelvin Grove. Waited outside C block till 3pm.

Then, we made our way into the hall for a special Sunday Service by Hope Church titled "Unmask". Even as a non-christian, I learned something from it. Service was similar to CHCKL.

After the session, we had some food for us. Then, some of us QUT3 members went back to town for dinner. We ate at WAH! Korean Restaurant. Ordered a Hotpot to share and it was delicious.

Large Hot Pot (Not spicy, cant remember name)

Next, we went to Milton. Had an embarrassing encounter in the bus because as I was going down, I couldn't find my Go Card for about 2 minutes. Everyone was staring at me. When I found it, I quickly apologized and went off.

J brought us to La Dolce Vita. All of us had vouchers to redeem a non-alcoholic beverage for free from CCM. All of us had an Iced Chocolate each. It was nice.

La Dolce Vita

Iced Chocolate

Then, we shared a Peach Gelati Shake, Banana Gelati Shake and an Italian Hot Chocolate. The Gelati shakes were okay. Italian Hot Chocolate was really something special. It was really rich and at the same time fluffy. If it wasn't fluffy, we'd die of chocolate overdose.

Italian Hot Chocolate

Walked to the bus stop and realized that the bus does not stop there. So I walked to the next bus stop. That's when I realized there might be no bus.

Called Translink and they confirmed my suspicion. The last bus for the 430 is 8.30pm for Sundays. The only bus I could take was the 444 which arrives at Kenmore Central.

So I took that bus. But I didn't know which stop to get down. And I realized I was in trouble after the bus turned into Moggil. I should have got down at the previous stop.

To make things worst, the bus went on a very dark and straight road. It didn't stop till another 5 minutes. I didn't get down too because the station was quite dark.

Finally I got down at a stop and crossed the road. I saw the signboard and knew I was in zone 5. F*CK! I checked the bus timetable and the last bus is at 10.30pm. 10 minutes from now. Saw some drunk drivers too.

Bellbowrie (Zone 5)

A taxi passed by and I flagged him down. Decided to take the taxi instead of the bus. Chatted with the driver and he chatted back. He was really kind because he was a student few months ago.

When the meter reached AUD20, he stopped it. He sent me home and I paid him 20 bucks and whatever coins I have.

Once home, I took my shower and turned on the laptop. That's all for tonight. Bye...

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