Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Laundry and Subway

Got up at 7.30am and decided to wash my bedsheets. Did some cleaning before taking the laundry out to dry. Then, I ate some cereal and did some work. Took my shower and got ready for uni.

The bedsheets and pillowcases dried up quickly. So I put them back onto my bed. Clothes were still wet though. Had to leave them hanging outside while I went to catch the bus.

Reached the city at 1.45pm and walked to class. We were asked to form groups of 4, and 2 of us would present for 5 minutes. I knew I wasn't good at it but I gave it a go. Nobody gave me any criticism though. Expected some constructive ones.

Later, I rushed to S506 for my Web Tutorial. It was an interesting class and I look forward to next week's session.

Went to the city and looked for food. Ended up in Subway and I ordered their AUD 5.95 Combo Deal. Had "Meatballs" with their "Italian Wheat and Cheese" bread and a bottle of coke. It was good.

6-inch Meatball Sandwich

The serviettes here has useful information. :P

Read mX (free newspaper) before walking back to QUT. Attended my final lecture for the week. I think the lecturer was in the hurry because she talked really fast. Heard some people behind me complaining.

Later, P and I walked to the bus station. Got on the bus at 8.10pm. Reached home just before 9pm.

By the time I showered and settled down, it was 10pm. Used the laptop to blog and stalk people on FB.

I don't have class tomorrow but I'll be going to the city to settle some stuff. Have to do some revision too.

That's all for today. Night...

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