Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh.My.Goldcoast with CCM

Woke up at 5.45am. Thought I was early but GTM was already up. Ate my breakfast, got ready and went out.

Arrived in the city at 7.30am. Waited a while before walking to QUT. Hung around talking to people till it was 9pm. Registered and was assigned to bus number 2. Each of us had a bun for breakfast.

Then at 9.30am, we boarded the bus. Sat next to AH and we talked quite a bit. Then, our bus-master, J, started the quizzes and made us play the Chinese Paper Whisper.

Before we know it, we arrived at Carrara Markets. Went down and walked around. After an hour of walking, we decided to eat. I bought some Churros to try. E told me the ones in Southbank are nicer.

Carrara Markets

Mini Petting Zoo

Huge Cotton Candies!

One of the market areas

Different types of sausages

Churros - AUD5 for 6 pieces

For lunch, we went back to the same South American shop and bought Choripans. Its a sausage with some special sauce and some lettuce. Not bad actually.

The shop


At 12.45pm, we went back to the bus. 15 minutes later, we arrived at Broadbeach, Gold Coast. Everyone from QUT went to the far left side of the beach (point C). Have no idea where people from UQ went.

The beach was awesome! Loved the fine sand and the blue water. The waves here are strong, unlike those in Malaysia.

Broadbeach, Gold Coast

There were about 120 of us.

All of us were divided into teams in the morning. So each team then built a sandcastle. Unfortunately, our team did not build the best sandcastle. But anyway all of us had fun.

Our team's Sand Kingdom

Earlier when we arrived, I went to dip my legs into the sea. But while building the sandcastles, many people got stung by jellyfish. The jellyfish were washed up to the wet sand. And most of them wasn't looking so they stepped on it.

I've never seen these blue ones before. Cool and dangerous!

Others went into the water and they got stung on the legs. They describe it: as a "cutting pain" and after a while, it becomes an "aching pain". G got a jellyfish on his thigh. So from then on, nobody went near the water. :S

Next was our free-and-easy time. So QUT3 members gathered and our leader, G decided that we should take a 15 minute break. After that, we played Captain Ball. That went on for about 45 minutes.

After that, some of us decided to take a walk. Went to the mall nearby but there wasn't much to see. So we came back and sat by the beach. Chat with HS and B till 5.45pm.

Seagulls drinking water

The beach in the evening

Everyone then got back into their teams before going up the bus. Most of us slept. I slept for about 30 minutes. After that, AH and I talked. AW joined the conversation later too.

Bus arrived in QUT at about 7.30pm. Most of the QUT3 members then went to Little Singapore for dinner. I saw them selling Roti Planta for AUD11.90! WTH!!!

Anyway, I order Char Kuey Teow which was also AUD11.90 (before tax). The portion was really big but somehow I managed to force it down my stomach. One of my friends paid 30 cents for a container so that she could take her leftovers away (she had Char Kuey Teow too).

Char Kuey Teow - AUD 12.50 (after tax)

After all of us paid, we went our separate ways. I walked with some of them to King George Square before going to my bus stop. Waited about 20 minutes for my bus.

By the time I got home, it was about 10.30pm. Took my shower and spent some time in Facebook. Added lots of people and was looking at pictures.

Was too tired to blog so I just uploaded the pictures and went to bed...

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