Friday, March 4, 2011

CCM HotPot

Woke up and had breakfast. Made cheesecake too. This time, we ran out of Oreos. So I used chocolate instead. Added a few drops of lemon cordial too.

Later, I watched "No Ordinary Family". Got ready and went out to wait for the bus. At 3pm, it arrived. Managed to get some reading done.

Walked to QUT and headed to the Guild Bar. The bouncer then asked for my ID. And because I didn't bring my original passport, they said I could go in but won't have the red wristband which allows me to buy drinks.

Waited till 5pm before walking to the city. Met up with the QUT3 Lifegroup. Then, all of us took the bus to P's house. There were loads of people there!

Met many new friends. About 13 people in that house were under JPA scholarship to do Quantity Survey. Goodness.

The evening was about making friends, chatting, eating, and making more friends. Left the place at 9.40pm to catch my bus.

Got home by 10.30pm and took my shower. D said the cheesecake wasn't as nice as before. All because of the chocolate. :(

Did some tutorial before writing this. Anyway, gotta go to bed now. Night...

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