Saturday, March 5, 2011


Woke up at about 10am and had breakfast. Ate pancakes for breakfast. Then finished my tutorial paper. Got ready and went out at 12.40pm.

The bus arrived at the city at 1.40pm. Once I got down, I heard the lion dance drums. Went to King George Square for the BWIS (Brisbane Welcomes International Students) event.

Was surprised to see a lion dance performance in Australia. And if you look closely at the pictures, you'll notice they smashed up a watermelon. You don't get that back in Malaysia.

Lion Dance @ King George Square

Walked around the place visiting the booths. I didn't bother checking out half the booths because they were selling holidays. I think that's a little to fast for such promotions.

There weren't much freebies too. Just walked around and bumped into some friends. At about 3pm, I went home.

Read some notes and ate cheesecake. Watched some TV too. And at about 6.30pm, we had spaghetti with bacon and prawns for dinner.


Cleaned up and watched more TV. Did some reading too. At about 9.30pm, I took my shower. Used the computer till now.

That's all for tonight. Bye...

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