Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mid Week

Woke up at 10am today. Cleaned up, washed up and had my breakfast. Left the house at about 12pm. Watched some street magic but the guy wasn't really good.

Later, I went to my ISC tutorial. I loved it. We had this session where the lecturer would give us a number. We would then have to form groups of that number. In those groups, we introduce ourselves and have a quick conversation.

Repeated that for about 4 times. Met lots of people and I enjoyed it. After that, we formed groups and had some discussion.

After class, I went to my next class. Then I realize that there weren't any tutorial today because the tutorial is before the lecture.

Went to the Botanical Garden and sat at one of the benches. Did some reading till it was 6pm. Then, I ate some biscuits and bun for dinner.

Attended the last lecture of the night at 7pm. Met P from China. He's pretty much on the same track as me. He tries to speak English very hard and he works for his own expenses. Amazing.

After the lecture, we walked to the bus stop. My bus driver probably was sleeping. He was late and he even passed our stop. All of us waved at him before he stopped at another bus stop. We then ran and got onto the bus.

Got home at about 9pm. Took my shower and used the laptop till now...

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