Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 3

Woke up at 6.15am and washed up. Had cereal and emptied the dishwasher. Got ready before leaving the house. This time, GTM gave me a lift. After dropping D at school, GTM dropped me at the Goodwill Bridge.

Used it to cross the river. Arrived at QUT with half an hour to spare. So, I went to the library for a nap. Later, I attended the "Writing Cover Letter" workshop. Made friends with M, an Italian exchange student.

After the session, I went to the library and looked at some stuff. Was pretty fruitless though. For lunch, I went to Subway and bought the Footlong Ham Sandwich. Ate half of it and kept the rest.

Footlong Sandwich - AUD 7

Then, I went for my next class. After an hour of lecture, I headed to S block. Met up with my group mates to discuss some stuff.

At 4pm, I then went to another tutorial. It ended at 5pm and I went back to join my group mates. Today was quite productive.

Finally at 6.30pm, I ate my other half of the subway. Attended the 7pm lecture. It was boring at first because she kept talking bout definitions of privacy. The other half was way more interesting.

Class ended at 8.30pm and I walked to the bus stop. Took the bus back home. Once home, I took my shower and settled some stuff.

Wrote this post and now going to go off. Bye...

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