Friday, May 27, 2011

Work and FUN

Got up early and arrived in uni at 10am. I was with one of my group mate. The rest were late. Slowly, one by one, they arrived.

We ran through some trial runs of what will happen the next day. It was a good session because without it, we would have been so lost.

At about 1.30pm I went to get lunch. Bought 2 slices of pizza for AUD5 from L Block. It was crunchy and quite filling.

BBQ Meat Lover


Later, I went to the garden and did my quiet time. Then, I went to Myer and looked at some formal shoes. Decided not to buy because I am only going to use it once. Headed to OfficeWorks and bought another notebook.

Then I took the bus to Auchenflower. At 5.15pm, we started our pre-lifegroup prayer. After that we started the lifegroup. After dinner, the plan for the night was different.

Instead of discussions, we had "Unidus Oscar Night". We were split into 3 teams and each team has to perform possible scenarios that may happen in their assignment location of Unidus.

IT WAS HILARIOUS! We even took videos but to protect everyone's reputation it won't be posted. It is YOUR LOSS for not joining us. :P

Anyway, I went off in time to catch the 430 bus home. Got back at 11.30pm and quickly showered before going to bed...

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