Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back To Normal

When I checked the time, I was surprised that it was 12.10pm! I quickly got ready and ate my brunch. Then, I took the bus to the city.

Got there by 2pm and met up with my group mates. Then at 4pm, I went for my Web class. The exercise was quite interesting for me.

After that, I rushed to the city hoping that there were still "Closing Promos". The only shop that was open was the sushi shop. So I paid them 10AUD for 3 boxes of rolls! I knew I couldn't finish it.

Assorted Sushi + 3 Boxes of Sushi (4rolls each) + Box of Meat Rolls + Bun - AUD10.00

But while I was digging my wallet for the coins, the staff put another box of sushi, a box of meat rolls, and a bun on top of it. I was happy but I just didn't know what to do with the food.

I sat down and finished a box of food. My stomach was gonna burst! I kept the rest of the food in my bag and went for class.

Lecture went on from 7pm to 8.05pm. I missed the 433 bus by 5 minutes. So, I waited another half an hour for the 430 bus.

Got home at 9.30pm and took my shower. Then, I started writing this post till now. Gonna end this post and do more work. Bye...

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