Saturday, May 28, 2011


Got up at 6am and had my breakfast. Washed up and wore my formal attire. It was so COLD. And I couldn't wear a jacket because I didn't want to wrinkle my shirt.

Arrived at uni and bought an energy drink which was overpriced. Instead of paying AUD2.90, I paid AUD 4.20 for it. But I really needed the energy and the other shops were closed.

Waited for my teammates to arrive. At the very last minute, two of our other teammates arrived. Phew...

We were one of the first team so our timetable were great. So the day started with attending the client's presentation, a morning tea session where we talk to the clients, then we had a meeting with the client.

After that, we made some changes to our proposal and presentation slides. Submitted our proposals at 1.15pm. And few minutes later, we had our presentation.

It was such a relieve after that. The bunch of us then went out for lunch. Everything in uni were closed so we ate at Mad Cafe.

This place is amazing. Mad Cafe really makes me Mad. I ordered "Crispy Chicken with Salad with Rice" and the cashier charged me AUD10.80. The picture said AUD7.50 so I asked him about it.

He told me that was the weekday price. So I just paid. The food took really long to come. But when I tasted it, it was delicious. I think this is the best restaurant food I had since I arrived at Brisbane.

Chicken was really crispy and the rice was slightly sticky but still nice. Will definitely come here again if I want to splurge. :P

Took the bus home and got back by 5pm. Quickly showered and did my quiet time. D came back from Ironbark. Dinner was at 6pm.

After dinner, D and I switched rooms. So now I have a double bed and a desk in my new room. Makes everyone's life easier I guess.

I managed to solve my programming problem. After that I pretty much slacked off. Oh well, I do think I deserve a break. :P

It's already 12.30am now. I'm going to sleep and wake up tomorrow to do work. Night...

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