Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday, Friday

Didn't do much today. Woke up and did some revision after I had my breakfast. For lunch, I toasted some fish from yesterday. Later, I had tuna and cheese on toast.

At 4pm, I went out and took the bus to the city. Once the bus stopped at Indooroopily, 2 translink workers came on and asked for my Go card.

I tapped my Go card and showed them my student Id. Felt a bit panicky because it was my first time.

The lady in front of me used a concession card but did not have a Student ID. The officer then gave her a warning letter and told her that if he goes back and checks that she has received the letter before, he will fine her.

Anyway, I got down at Wesley Hospital and walked to G's house. Had an awesome lifegroup till 10.20pm.

Took the bus home and was home by 11.15pm. Then, I showered and studied for a while. I'm writing this in Notepad because Blogger is currently offline. Oh well, goodnight everyone!

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