Saturday, May 14, 2011

Relaxing Saturday

I started the day with waking up at 11am. Ate some cereal and started doing my programming. What I had no confidence to achieve was achieved on my first try! Amazing.

With the spare time I had, I watched Glee and some trailers. I miss going to movie screenings for free. Man, the Nuffnang here is so uneventful. :(

At 6pm, we had dinner. We had 2 guests over tonight. After our dinner, D and I were in our room talking to each other. Then, all of us had passionfruit cheesecake from "The Cheesecake Shop".

Later, I called home and talked to dad and M. D and I cleaned up after the guests left at about 9.20pm.

Then, we watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 till 12am. Turned on the laptop to write this post. Night...

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