Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spiritual Tuesday

Got up early today and went to the city at 8am. By the time i got to uni, it was 9.10am. Had my Scrum meeting and this time it went smoothly.

After that, we had another group meeting. I then used the laptop to get some work done. Then at 11.30am, I went to L block.

People from CCM were there and I helped pack the goodie bags. Later, we had some prayer, paired up, and went around the campus talking to people. J and I didn't get to share the gospel with anyone but we talked to someone from the Salvation Army.

Later, I went to the library and continued doing some work and did some revision. At 5pm, I went to the Garden for Quiet Time.

Rushed to the city to get lunch. But once there, most of the food were sold out. I went to Coles and bought donuts.

6 Cinnamon Donuts - AUD 2.00

Quickly went back to L Block and was in time for our Unit Prayer. That went on till about 8.20pm.

Walked to the city and had the chance to know some of my unit members more. Took the 430 bus and got home by 9.30pm.

Showered and used the laptop. Then, I wrote this post till now. It's 11pm and I'm going to bed soon. Night...

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