Monday, May 16, 2011

Still Slacking

Got up at 10am today. Did the usual stuff. Watched DH and worked on my assignment a little before going out to the city.

Went to class till 5pm. Then, I went to the city and good dinner. Had Potato Bake with Spinach Ricotta.

Potato Bake and Spinach Ricotta - AUD 4.00

Later, I went back to uni and used the laptop for a while. At 7pm, I went for the Security lecture. It ended early today.

Took the 430 bus home. Once home, I showered and watched DH. Its the end of Season 7. But thank goodness there will be Season 8 and Season 9 in future.

Sorted some stuff out and watched some video clips. Chatted for a while before writing this post.

Anyway, its gonna be a long day tomorrow so I'm gonna sleep now. Night..

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