Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Time Out

Got up at 7am and got ready for uni. Took the bus to the city and was sleeping as usual. Suddenly, J got on the bus. He was on his way to uni for a presentation too.

I headed to my class and had the scrum meeting. Lost 1 mark because I forgot to mention the time. I even wrote it down but somehow ignored it. Argh.

Later, I went to Kelvin Grove with N. We used our laptops there and I left at 11.45am. Got back to Gardens Point and bought my lunch.

I bought a "Cheese Burger and Chips Combo" at HEAT for AUD5. It didn't come with a drink but the burger was better than Red Rooster.

Cheese Burger and Chips Combo - AUD 5

Members of CCM QUT then sat on the grass outside B block had lunch there. At 1pm, we went off. AW, AL, J and I then went to the city. Walked around Myer for a while before I headed to my bus stop.

I waited for 20 minutes before checking the bus schedule. To my horror, the next bus was 30 minutes away. And thanks to the heavy rain, nobody can sit on the seats. So I decided to browse in Coles.

At 2.30pm, I finally got on the bus. Got home an hour later and did some cleaning. After that, I took a nap till 5.30pm.

Not long after that, we had dinner. They bought KFC and AS put the chicken in the oven for a while. It was okay.

Later, I stayed in my room and read the bible. Took my shower and started using the computer. Typed out some stuff and blogged till now.

It's 12.25am and I'm gonna end this post here. Night...

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