Thursday, May 19, 2011


Was lazing on the bed waiting for my alarm to ring. Then I heard AS come home from work. Quickly checked the time and was surprised that is was 12.40pm! Gosh!

I got up went to the dining room. There were 3 packages waiting for me. My "Daily Bread", Mirror Screen Protector, and the Projection Clock Keyring. :)

Daily Bread - FREE

Unpacked everything, set the time for my clock, and also stick my new screen protector onto my iPod. Cool stuff!

Mirror Screen Protector - AUD 1.00

Projection Clock - AUD 2.15

Later, I ate my breakfast (it was 1.30pm) and started doing work at 2.30pm. Wasn't that productive though. :(

At 5.15pm, we had dinner. After cleaning up, I took my shower and went to my room. Did some reading and resting.

Then at 8.30pm, I came out to continue working. It's 10.48pm and I'm gonna end this post here and get more work done. Bye...

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