Sunday, May 22, 2011


Got up at 10am and had toast for breakfast. Later, I did some work till 1pm. Had burger from Macca's for lunch.

Then at 2pm, I went out to catch the bus. Arrived in UQ at 3pm. Was in time for the pre-service prayer.

Service ended at 5.30pm. J and G talked to me about something. At first when J told me they want to talk to me, I was stunned and shocked.

Later, we went to the city. C's friend A drove us to the city. Then we walked to Wah for dinner. Shared a "Bulgogi Hotpot" with few of the guys.

Dinner ended at 8.10pm and I took the bus back home. Got home at about 9pm. Showered and used the laptop till now...

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