Monday, May 30, 2011


Got up at 8am and got ready for uni. Missed the 9.15am bus so I walked to Kenmore Central. But I missed the bus by few minutes. So in the end, I wasted my effort to walk extra. If I had waited back there, I'd already be on the bus.

Attended my group meeting. Later, I went to the garden to do my quiet time. Then, I had lunch and went to class.

At 5pm, I went to the city and had pasta and garlic bread for dinner. Went back to uni and studied for my quiz.

Tomato Pesto Penne - AUD 4.00

Garlic Bread - AUD 0.50

We went into the hall at 7.20pm. Just before 8.30pm, I left the hall. Wasn't too stressed of this quiz.

Hurried to the city and managed to catch the 430 bus home. Once home, I showered and stayed in my room for the rest of the night.

My room light is not working. So I laid the desk lamp on the table and let it brighten the room...

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