Sunday, May 15, 2011


Got up and had my breakfast. Cleaned up and took my shower. Rushed to the bus stop and was just in time for it.

Went to QUT for my group meeting. It ended at about 12.40pm and I used the computer to print some stuff.

Later, I did my quiet time till 1.30pm. Then, I took the bus to UQ. Met up with J and A. Later, I talked to J about some stuff before we headed to the Pre-Service Prayer.

Service ended at 5.40pm. Hung around till 6pm before going to the bus stop. We didn't go out for dinner as a group tonight because only 3 people were going.

So I went to the city and ate at Hungry Jacks. Ordered their Cheeseburger Stunner Deal. Later, I took the 7.30pm bus back home.

Dinner - AUD 4.95

Showered, did some work, watched DH, and started writing this post.

It's 10.40pm and I'll just end this post here. Bye...

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