Saturday, May 21, 2011


Woke up at 6am and got ready quickly. Took the 7am bus and arrived at Auchenflower. Waited for J before we took the 88 bus to Griffith University. From there, we took the 135 to Griffith's Nathan Campus.

Arrived at 9.18am and attended "Christian Foundation 101" by Christian Development School (CDS). It was a great session. Met a number of new friends who so happen to be from Malaysia also...

It ended at 4.10pm and we took the bus back. Got home by 6pm. GTM brought us out for dinner at Sun Fay, Indooroopilly.

The restaurant "interesting". We ordered chicken, lamb and tofu. Chicken was nice but the lamb was just okay. AS ordered the tofu and specified that she wants fried tofu.

But when it arrived, it was not fried. We waited so long and when we asked if we could cancel, the manager said "No you can't, we're making it already. We had to throw the previous one and make this again".

Why does he need to say that? He can admit it is his fault, but he still doesn't seem happy. Urgh. After the tofu came, there were only 4 pieces. The rest was vege...

Then we waited for our "complimentary dessert" to arrive. When it finally arrived, it was four measly pieces of rockmelon. I couldn't help but make the weirdest face ever!

Anyway, we got home and I spend the rest of the night relaxing..

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