Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 7

Got up and did some work today. Later, I went to the city and bought a stack of folders and a stapler. (When I got home only did I realize I bought the wrong folder :S).

Stapler and Folder

Went to class as usual. Then at 3pm, I went to the library. Took me half an hour to logon to the computer.

Then at 4pm, I went to the Security tutorial. Got my quiz results. I'm quite happy with it because I scored 45/50.

When the tutorial ended, I walked to the city and hunted for "closing" deals. Ended up buying 4 sushi rolls for AUD 5.00 from "Japanese Bento". It was delicious and they let you pick any sushi.

4 Sushi Rolls - AUD 5.00

After dinner, I went to the library for a while. Then at 7pm, I went to Z block for class. The lecture was slightly longer today.

Ended up taking the 8.45pm bus. Got home at about 9.30pm and used the laptop till now...

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