Saturday, April 9, 2011


Today was amazing. I was late and missed the bus by a minute. Walked to Kenmore Central and caught the 444 bus.

Once I got down the bus, my right contact dropped out! This is the second time this week! I quickly put on my glasses and looked around on the floor. Luckily I found it. Washed it and put it back on.

Hurried to QUT and managed to get on the bus. We then departed for Eumundi. Once there, I bumped into 2 of my friends.

Eumundi Market

So we walked around together in the market. It was way better than Carrara. But unfortunately, we only had an hour here.

Look at his face! :P

This beautiful frog was painted onto a utility box

Polish Food Stall

I forgot what they call this but it taste exactly like wanton - AUD 2.00 (each)

Potato Pancakes with sour cream (delicious) - AUD 2.00

Tacos - AUD 3.50

"The Paella Fella"

Seafood Paella (large) - AUD 10.00

Another part of the market

Saw some amazing things today. One was the Italian wine glasses that could sing. Another was a metal wind ornament.

Metal Ornament

Next up was Noosa. I knew nothing about Noosa except that there was a beach. So I wore slippers and shorts.

They actually had a National Park which my friends and I went. We hiked on the Coastal Track and took lots of pictures along the way.

Walking to the National Park

Noosa National Park

The view

Koala Statue

A life koala lazing in the trees

We walked for about 90 minutes and other people from QUT already went back to the beach. We didn't know what was ahead but just walked anyway.



Boiling Pot

This was the "dead tree zone". No idea why.

There were quite a number of these trees with weird roots too!

Tea Tree Bay

Continue walking. B taking pictures.

Dolphin Point

View from Granite Bay

I thought this way why it was named Granite Bay.

THIS is the actual reason! Too bad we can't get down there...

This plant's leaves looks like petals. Interesting.

Rocks along the way.

Taking pictures...

More sea views.

We saw the sign "Hell's" Gate" which gave us a morale boost. But after a while, we got tired again. I then told B that Hell's Gate was probably one of the beach areas we passed.

The sign

More walking and scenery

But after more walking, we arrived at the corner of this land. It was amazing! The winds were strong and the view was just BEAUTIFUL! I got more excited when a sign there says dolphins and whales occasionally pass by.


The blue line is our track.

Unfortunately we didn't see any of the animals that the board mentioned.

The landing


Hell's Gate, Noosa

We sat the for about 20 minutes enjoying nature's beauty. Saw the birds diving into the sea. And the fact that there is no land ahead of us until more than 12000km (Chile is there) made it AWESOME.

Sea view


Looking at the secluded beach (no idea how to get there)

Birds at sea

Beautiful waves hitting the beach

We were down there

All the hiking was made worth it. Later, we took an alternative route back. About 10 minutes into it, we decided to detour and go back the way we came. That's because we were afraid that we might not make back in time.

Going back

In the alternative route

When we passed by Tea Tree Bay, we decided to go down to the beach. Dipped my calves into the ocean and it was great. This part of the sea has no jellyfish. :)

Tea Tree Bay

the Beach

Later, we went back to the Main Beach and walked on the sand for a while. Sand here is fine but slightly damp.

Main Beach

And for the first time in my life, I saw people setting up tents on the beach. WTH! Wonder what's the logic behind that.


After that, we went to get some drinks. I bought a big bottle of Sprite Zero and shared it. From now on, I'm never gonna order anything "Zero". Original is always better.

My first Sprite in Aussie

Streets of Noosa

Before going back, we popped by the souvenir shop and I looked around. Saw some interesting items which cannot be display in this blog. :P

Then, we went to this shop called "Simply Pies" and got some food. I bought the Cheese and Bacon Roll which was quite good.

Simply Pies

Cheese and Bacon Roll

By the time we finished our food, it was already 4.15pm. Hurried back to the bus and got on. At 4.30pm, the bus left and headed back to QUT.

Got back at 6.45pm. Took the 7.20pm bus back home. By the time I took my shower and settled down, it was 8.30pm.

Don't really feel motivated to blog at first. But somehow after writing the first few chapters, the plan to keep this post as simple as possible failed. Lol.

Anyway, I'm gonna end this post here. Do come back in a few days because I'm too lazy to upload the pictures now. Night...

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