Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Friday!

Got up and did some laundry. Washed my bedsheets. Played 2 rounds of Catan. Later, I tweaked my assignment before making notes for "The Web".

At 5pm, I left the house and went for Lifegroup. Got there at 6.10pm and good food was waiting for us. G guided me to say grace.

Later, we ate and had some game time. Next was a celebration for our May babies. Then, we were split into groups and had our discussions.

Didn't have much to contribute this time but I learned a lot. Before going home, we played "Jungle Speed" which was quite fun. Something like snap but with more twists. Within 5 minutes you'd understand the game. But playing it is a different story because it takes SPEED.

Got home at 11.40pm and took my shower. Used the laptop and wrote this. It's almost 1am now. Goodnight...

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