Sunday, April 24, 2011


To some Easter is about chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies. But to Christians, it's the day Jesus conquered death.

As for me, I conquered my sleepiness and woke up early. Took the bus to UQ and attended the Morning Service. There wasn't any afternoon service because most of them went to OC.

The guest pastor wasn't really interesting to me. I enjoyed the testimony from an African sister better.

Met a new friend from China. He's currently studying an English course in QUT and he was very curious about the language in Malaysia. Haha, this really proves how diverse and multi-cultural Malaysia is.

After that, few of us went to Wah! for lunch. I shared a Bulgogi with N. After that, I went back home and made some notes till it was 6.30pm.

Bulgogi Hotpot (medium) - AUD 27.00

Then, our neighbors, P and V came over for dinner. They gave us kids a Chocolate Bunny each. I got one too (which means I'm a kid :P).

Chocolate Eggs with fillings from AS

Chocolate Bunny from P and V

After dinner, we had sago pudding for dessert. This is AS's signature dish. It was quite interesting because I've never ate it like this before.

Sago Pudding (drizzled with milk and palm sugar)

Later, I cleaned up before taking my shower. Continued working on my notes till it was 11.30pm.

I'm gonna end this post here and continue with more reading. Night...

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