Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Last Busy Tuesday

Got up early and went to uni. Discussed some stuff for our assignment till about 11am. Then, I went to the library and did some work.

Later, I went to the city and bought some Japanese Curry with Pork. Went back to uni and ate it with the group of CCM members.

Japanese Curry with Pork - AUD 4.95

At 1pm, all of us left. I went to the library and did some work. Later at 3pm, I attended the IS Workshop till 4.30pm.

Then, I went to B block for my lecture. It ended pretty quickly. Walked to the city and waited for the bus.

Finally at 6.10pm, it arrived. When the bus was almost at my stop, one of my contact dropped off. I quickly took it and kept it in my glasses box.

Walked home with one eye closed. Fortunately I did not stumble on anything. :P Once home, I quickly washed my contacts and stored them.

Had dinner, watched TV before I started my Web assignment. Stopped at about 12.30am to blog...

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