Thursday, April 28, 2011

Awesome Thursday

Got up and did some revision. Then, I solved my upload problem. Amazing. After that, I ate pasta for lunch.

At 3pm, I cooked Shepherd's Cottage Pie. Took it up the bus at 5.20pm and went to Auchenflower.

Cottage Pie Filling

It was our first "Guy's Night" so each of us brought a plate (same meaning as dish) to the party. Food was good!

TL's vege

J's Mushroom and Chicken

AW's Sweet Potato

AW's Pork Knuckle

AH's Chili Padi Grain Spaghetti

Later, before we played games, J surprised us by announcing a change in LifeGroup. Among us guys, we were told to change from STAR to MESH.

Basically, instead of always communicating through J, we are asked to get to know everyone and support and learn from everyone else. Though it may be hard at first, I'm sure we can do it.

Next was game time. We played "Settlers of Catan" which AW bought for AUD100. It is actually a great game despite the fact that it is time consuming.

At 11.15pm, we went back home. I got home by 12.10am and took my shower. Used the laptop till now. Going to bed already. Night...

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