Sunday, April 3, 2011

Out on a Sunday

Woke up at 9am and had cereal. Left the house at 10am and took the bus to the city. Went to Eagle Street Pier and walked along the river. Looked around the market for about 15 minutes.

Eagle Street Pier

Parts of the market

Walking by the river

For lunch, I bought "Poffertjes". It was a fluffy Dutch version of pancakes served with maple syrup and lots of icing sugar. You can even pay extra to have Mars Bars sauce to go with it. I didn't go to that extreme though. Just ordered the plate of 10.

Dutch Food Tent


He's flipping them

Poffertjes (plate of 10) - AUD 5.00

Later, I continued walking along the river till I reach the botanical gardens. From there, I walked over to QUT.


This is the end of the pier

Botanical Gardens

I was there (taking picture of the botanical garden)

Boats are beside me as I walk in the Botanical Garden

I headed to S block and started doing work. 2 of my group mates came to S block and we sat down to finish our work for this week.

I managed to complete my tasks by 3.20pm so I left and headed for UQ. Attended the afternoon church service.

Later, we went for dinner at Ajisen Ramen. Only 7 of us went. Food was okay but as usual, I enjoyed getting to know the people in QUT3.

Tonkatsu Ramen (Deep Fried Pork) - AUD 15.00

Complimentary ice cream for CCM Members

Was able to catch the 430 bus back home. So I didn't have to walk so much with my laptop. Great. :)

Back home, I quickly showered and used the computer till now. Tomorrow is the start of week 6. We shall think positive and face the week with a smile. :)

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