Friday, April 22, 2011

A Different Friday

Woke up and did some work till about 2pm. Then, I uploaded the rest of the pictures onto my Noosa post.

Then at 4pm, I went out. Arrived at SouthBank by 5pm. Walked along the river and took some pictures. Browsed the lifestyle market but found nothing of interest.

View from bridge

Southbank Park

Wheel of Southbank

Looking back to the city

I find it funny to have the lanterns along the walkway.

Ping An Deng. Safety Lamp? Why?



Out of nowhere, there's a Nepalese Pagoda.

More walking...

CityCat dock

There's a pool in the city!

Lifestyle Market


Waited till 6pm before meeting up with the others. The movies we wanted to watch (Thor or Fast Five) we both sold out. So, we bought "Arthur" instead.

Walked around the market again till it was 7pm. Then, we went in and watched the movie. One thing about this cinema, its free seating! :(

So we had to seat about 5 rows from the front because there isn't any place left for us to sit in a nice row.

The movie started at 7.25pm and it was good. Nice to see Arthur spending money like crazy. And in the end, it had some moral values to it too.

Movie ended at 9.20pm. Then, I took the bus to King George Square before taking another bus home.

Got home by 10.30pm and took my shower. Started blogging till now.

Had fun today. But I miss Lifegroup though. Anyway, night...

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