Thursday, April 21, 2011


Got up early and went to uni. Met J at 10am and he guided me through some material. It was quite interesting.

Later, I went to the library and finished my tutorial. Then, I went to the city for lunch. Bought a Lemon Chicken Rice from InHouse but the portion was really small. Not bad though.

Lemon Chicken (Small) - AUD 4.00

Went back to uni and worked on my assignment. Before that, I bought 2 'Mother' energy drinks. It has double the taurine of Redbull! :P

Worked till 5.30pm before going to the city. Took the bus home. Later, I had fish and chips for dinner.

GTM said I forgot to close the door this morning. And 10 minutes later, he went out and said I didn't close the door again. Damn!

Did some reading in my room till it was quite late. Then when I came out to use the internet, it was SUPER SLOW. Damn...

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