Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Love Uni

Left the house today at 12pm and got to the city by 1pm. Bought lunch at Subway. This time I ordered the Pizza Sub.

Pizza Sub - AUD 8.95 (with coke)

Then, I headed to uni and got a free "Monster Drink" from their truck. I chugged it down right before going to class. It tasted like Redbull because they use the same ingredient, Taurine.

Monster Energy Drink

ISC tutorial was really fun today. We did some speed-brainstorming and later, we did some interviews too. Truly grateful I took this unit.

After that, I headed to the lab for Web tutorial. Class wasn't that interesting but the lecturer went around giving examples for the assignment. Worked on my assignment till it was 6pm.

Then, it was time for dinner. I reheated the other half of my Pizza sub. Yummy. Later, I went to the library till it was 7pm.

Every time I bump into someone I know in uni and say hi, I feel so happy. Throughout the day, I bumped into 5 friends of mine. :)

During my toilet break, something in the cubicle caught my eye. I can't believe someone actually wrote this. Being a blogger, I took a picture of it.


Anyway, the Web lecture was quite long today. It was the lecturer's last day with us. After this, another lecturer will be teaching for the next half of the semester.

So because it ended late, I had to catch the 8.45pm bus. While at Queen street, I spotted Jared the artist again. This time, a young lady was chatting with him.

I took the bus back home and got back at about 9.30pm. Turned on the computer till now. It's 11pm and I'm going to end this post here. Will work on my assignment before going to bed. Night...

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