Sunday, April 10, 2011


It was a bad start today. Woke up late and didn't get my work done. One of my group members told me 3 hours before the meeting that he couldn't come.

Later, I went to uni and didn't really enjoy the meeting. Then, I printed some stuff. But the printer printed someone else's documents.

Went to the library to get it solved. After that, I printed more documents but it didn't appear in the queue. Tried it again and it still didn't get through.

So, I went to the QPS and they printed it for me again. Felt so frustrated. Walked to the city and missed the bus by a few seconds because of the traffic light.

Thank goodness I found my peace and de-stress in the afternoon service. The message of the day was "Work is meant to be life-giving, enjoyable".

Later, we helped pack up before going for dinner. Went to Wah for Korean. This time, I ordered "Raw Beef Dol Sot Bibimbap". It wasn't spicy at all and was quite nice. The one in Da Sa Rang was better.

Raw Beef Dol Sot Bibimbap - AUD 11.70 (after discount)
*forgot to bring my camera :( *

Had a really fun time because some of them went crazy. We even had a cake but the birthday girl wasn't here. We still ate the cake though.

At 10pm, we went back home. I took my shower and started using the laptop. It's quite late already. So, good night...

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