Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Two More Days

M woke me up at 10.15am and I quickly washed up and got ready. Just as we were leaving the house, J woke up and said she wanted to come along too. So, we called C and K to tell them that we are going for the 12pm session k-lunch instead of the 11am one.

Arrived at 105 by 11.35am but we still had to wait for C. Drove to The Curve and went to RedBox after we found a parking spot. Unfortunately, there weren't any more rooms so we could have our k-lunch.

We walked over to e@curve and planned to watch a movie. In the end, we didn't go for the movie because the good seats were all taken. So we walked around for half an hour before finally eating at Chikuyo.

I ordered the Chicken Katsu Don set lunch but it wasn't that great. Kinda unreasonably priced too. By the way, C paid for our lunch because she was the one who didn't want to make reservations for the K-lunch and insisted that there will be enough rooms.

Chicken Katsu Don Set - RM 13.80

After our lunch, we went to Chocolate and tried their new ice cream in cup. It wasn't that great but at least the chocolate slices made us happy. Drove back to 105 and hung around till 6pm watching TV.

Vanilla Sundae - RM 1.20

Then, I drove back home and started using the laptop while waiting for my turn to shower. After I showered, we had our dinner together. When everyone was done, all of us walked over to 97 to meet our cousins.

Watched another movie on StarMovies before all of us went to Baskin Robins. We bought 2 quarts of ice cream and ate it there on the spot. After that, we bought another 9 quarts and brought them back home.

"Chocolate Escape" & "Cookies N' Cream" - RM 66.65

Dropped D, D and MM back at 97 before going home. Started blogging and chatting till now. It's 11.50pm and I'm going to bed as soon as I post this. Night...

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