Monday, December 28, 2009

Penang: Day Three

Dad called our room at 9am and told us to meet them downstairs for buffet breakfast. M and I took turns to wash up. By the time we got downstairs, it was already 9.30am. That one hour left to have our breakfast.

Entrance to Ever-Cafe

Walked into the buffet area and got some food. After about 3 rounds, I was already stuffed and didn't feel like eating any more. Overall, the food wasn't that good. Even the pancakes from McDonalds were better.


Pineapple juice

Beef Bacon, Spring Rolls, Grilled Tomato, Baked Beans, and Hashbrown

French Toast and Pancakes


Croissant and Cinnamon roll

Waited for the others to finish before going back to our rooms at 10.40am. We then watched TV and relaxed on the bed till it was 12.30pm. All of us then packed our stuff and went downstairs to check-out.

After dad paid, we hopped into the Avanza and drove to the Chew Jetty area. We walked to a nearby coffee shop. Since the girls didn't wake up for the buffet, they had their lunch there while the rest of us just had a drink.

Chew Jetty Cafe

Iced Coffee

Mee Goreng

Then, we made our way to the jetty and waited for our turn to board the ferry. After waiting for about 15 minutes, we drove into the ferry and got out of the car to look around. Stood at the front of the ferry so that the refreshing breeze would blow onto our faces.

Cars in the ferry

Looking down at the sea

Looking out from the side of the ferry

Another ferry coming from the opposite direction

That's the Penang Bridge

This small ferry can support the weight of 32 cars!

Stairs to the second floor (passengers only)

Just before the ferry docked at the other jetty, a worker came and told us that the car in front of us hit our car. He forgot to pull his handbrake and his car rolled back onto ours. The damage wasn't huge so dad didn't want to make a fuss out of it.

The dumb driver!

The ferry docked at the other end of Penang (Butterworth) and we drove on to Esso. All of us emptied our bladders and I bought some snacks for our journey. Then, we got into the car and started our journey home.

Mamee and Smarties - RM 1 per packet

When we left Penang, I was actually quite happy and relieved. That's because since yesterday, we noticed that Penangites LOVE to HONK at every small matter. Even when they are caught in a jam, they will honk for no reason. Compared to KL, the people in Penang honk 10 times more. Urgh!

After 2 hours of driving, we stopped at the Tapah Rest-stop for a break. Went to the washroom before going to the food court. Dad bought some food and drinks for us to fill our stomachs. M and I bought waffles which were great!

Tapah Rest-stop

Curry Puff and Egg Tarts

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Waffle from DailyFresh - RM 3

When everyone was done, we got back to the car and continued driving. Less than 2 hours later, we arrived back home safely. That marked the end of our 3Day-2Night road trip to Penang.

We spent 3 days with each other relaxing, eating, and sitting in the car. It was nice to do such things together as a family. Sure hope we could do it again sometime...

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