Sunday, December 27, 2009

Penang: Day Two

Didn't sleep that well because it was too cold in the room. Woke up at 8am and used the laptop for a short while. Ate a Kit-Kat and waited for my turn to wash up. Later, dad brought us to "Solok Moulmein" for breakfast.


Solok Moulmein

We went inside Swee Kong and ordered some drinks. Dad bought some mini-pizzas and Wan Than Noodles for us. The pizzas were good but the famous noodles weren't too great. Went back to our hotel after lunch.

Restoran Swee Kong

Three mini-pizzas - RM 10.00


Wan Than Mee

Before going back to our rooms, we went to look at the pool area. It wasn't really that nice but was still presentable. Got back to our rooms and watched TV till it was 12pm. Then, we packed our stuff and checked-out of Berjaya Hotel.

Entrance to pool area

Pool area

Brinjal plants near the pool


Looking down (bunch of expensive bikes and police vehicles)

Looking out

The gym

We got into the car and drove to Evergreen Laurel Hotel. This hotel was much much better than the previous one. The lobby itself was already 5 times bigger. And in less than 20 minutes, we were shown to our rooms.

Evergreen Laurel Hotel Penang (Five Stars)

Waiting area

Check-in counter


Lift area (super fast and efficient lifts)

We explored the room and I took pictures of almost every little thing in the hotel. Stayed in the room for about an hour watching TV and relaxing. After that, dad drove us out for lunch.

Outside the rooms

Room 702

Card Holder

Key Card


They are Eco-friendly!

Sitting area


Free broadband (LAN cable)

Flat-screen TV





The view

This time, we went to Sunshine1000 which was on the way to Kek Lok Si. The food here wasn't that great but it still filled our stomachs.

Iced Coffee

Char Kuey Teow - RM 2.80

We then drove on to Kek Lok Si. There were many people there and most of us didn't want to walk and explore the temple. So, we just went to look at the new "Guan Yin" image and walked around for a bit.

the Guan Yin image

View from the landing

We donated a roof tile (RM 30 per piece)

Prayer area

Statue of the Horse

Another shrine

About half an hour later, we drove back downhill and bought some rojak. We didn't eat it there but brought it back to the hotel instead. Uploaded yesterday's post and finished the rojak before we went to visit the pool on the second floor.

the Rojak stall

Rojak (sauce was DELICIOUS)

After that, we went down and made our way to the pool. Before getting to the pool, we have to go through the bathrooms. Inside, there were 5 doors, each leading to somewhere else. Dressing room, washroom, sauna and jacuzzi, lockers, and the main pool area.

Kids Club (next to female bathroom)

Gym (next to male bathroom)

Dressing Room


Locker Room

We then regroup at the pool area and took some pictures. Dad and E went for a swim while the rest of us just relaxed on the deck chairs. At 6pm, I came back to the room and watched TV till 7.30pm.


The view

Sunset (can't see clearly because of clouds)

Dad then drove us to another coffee shop called "Hong Kong Tea Garden". I had some Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun, Pork Satay, Char Kuey Teow, and Iced Coffee. The food here was great especially the coffee and satay.

Hong Kong Tea Garden

Maggie Goreng

Pork Satay - RM 5.00 (50 cents each)

Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun

Char Kuey Teow

Iced Coffee

After dinner, we drove to Gurney Drive and was caught in the jam. There were no place to park so we went back to the hotel. Dropped J, E and mum back and we went back to Gurney Drive to try our luck.

Jam along Gurney Drive

Just as we were gonna go back, we saw a parking spot. After we parked, we walked over to the "Malaysian Food Street" exhibition. It's actually a long stretch of hawker stalls that are gonna be there only for the month of December.

Malaysia Food Street

We found a place to sit and ordered some dessert while dad had Asam Laksa. The desserts weren't that great though. While eating, I spotted my high school classmate and went to say "hi". Has been a long time since I met him.

Asam Laksa - RM 3.00

Chendol - RM 2.00

Ais Kacang - RM 2.00

Four Fruit Soup (Sei Goh Tong) - RM 2.00

After eating, we walked to "g hotel" and looked around. It was a boutique hotel so the deco was really modern and trendy. Walked around the lobby for about 15 minutes before we drove back to our hotel.

g is for G Hotel

Spiral-wire Christmas Tree in the Lobby

It was already 10.20pm and the sauna was closing in 10 minutes. Since it was pointless going there, we just went to our rooms. I started blogging till now (1.05am) and still haven't showered since this morning.

Gonna end this post here and go take my shower. Will go to bed right after that. Night...

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