Sunday, November 7, 2010


All of us went to pick JW from her hostel. Then, we went straight to Pyramid for lunch. I suggested Frames and everyone followed.

I ordered the Arabic Mixed Grill but that turned out to be a disappointment. The pieces of prawns, beef and chicken were so tiny. Besides, the bread was so HARD!

Arabic Mixed Grill

Chicken, Beef and Prawns

Sauce and Vege

Arabic Bread

Put a bit of everything on top of the bread and MUNCH

The G-frost was still very nice though. It was refreshing and cool! Compared to the one in House and Co, it's cheaper and MUCH better!

Signature G-frost

And for dessert, we ordered this Chocolate Mousse Cake. The cake was VERY CHOCOLATEY! All of us finished the cake in less than 5 minutes.

Chocolate Mousse Cake :D

The girls also ordered a Mango Sorbet. It was very compact and they liked the taste. Personally, I think it isn't as smooth as gelato so I didn't enjoy it.

Mango Sorbet

We walked around till it was 2pm. Then, we went to the main entrance of Pyramid to watch the Pre-recording of Battleground. It only started at 2.30pm and watched the first round of dances.

One of the teams. (I think they are gonna get eliminate)

Although they were going to be there till 6pm, we decided to leave early. Went to Chocolate to meet mum who was having a drink there.

Later, M drove us back home. But when we went the Pantai hill, the car started CHOKING! Then she remembered, the car was low on petrol and she forgot to refuel it!

It literally started rolling down the hill and M quickly BRAKED! We called for help so MM bought a tin of petrol and we filled it into the car.

Out of PETROL!

Compared to my experience, M's one was pretty easy because MM came with this nicely cut bottle. So all I did was pour petrol on it while M held it still.

This bottle makes everything EASY!

I bet from now on, she won't forget to refuel the car. :P

Later at night, dad brought us to "Restoran Arlison" and we ordered a few dishes. The food there were quite nice. Environment was kinda dirty though.

We watched "4,3,2,1" in my room and I sent JW back later. Came back to continue using the laptop till now. It's 3.30am and I shall go to bed. Night...

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