Friday, November 12, 2010


Both of us woke up at 11.20am. It was too late to go to the Nuffnang office. Besides, JW didn't bring the box with her. So we stayed home.

After lunch, we watched a bit of "4,3,2,1" before going downstairs to watch TV. Wanted to make spaghetti for dinner but GM was already cooking.

So after dinner, everyone sorta agreed to make ANOTHER CHEESECAKE! This time, we planned to make MARS BARS Cheesecake. We also wanted to make Konyaku Jelly. :)

J, JW and I then drove to TMC. On the way, we met KK and AP so we picked them up too. Bought all the stuff and went home.

All the kids in the house were busy doing something. Mine was mixing and pouring some stuff. Also I was ordered to cut the Mars Bars. FUN!

Within an hour, both our products went into the fridge. Gotta wait till tomorrow before the feast begins!

Konyaku Jelly with Nata De Coco

Mars Bars Cheesecake

Then, we watched TV till 11.30pm before I dropped JW back in Sunway. Gonna end this post now because we're waking up early tomorrow for Dim Sum. :)

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