Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Day With Mr And Mrs T

Woke up and used the computer for a while. Then, we went out to Plaza Damas for lunch. Mum took us to Izakaya Ichiban. I've been to this Japanese restaurant about few years ago.

This time, I ordered the set lunch. There was a long list of stuff where you can choose from. 2 Dishes would cost RM18++ while 3 dishes was RM25++.

I ordered their Mix Kakiage, Beef Teriyaki, and Tori Karaage (Deep Fried Chicken). The food was good and I was so stuffed.

Lunch Set

Later, we went back home. Not long after that, I drove down to 112. JT, KK and AM were there. Hung around for a while before AM said she wants to go home.

So, I drove home and she picked me up. The 3 of us then went back to her new apartment. Went out to buy some food with SC at about 4.30pm.

Then, we stayed there till 5pm. Packed our stuff and went back to 112. There, SC and I napped till 6.30pm.

All of us then went to "Three Two Square" and had dinner in "Tram Car". I ordered their chicken chop and it turned out to be quite nice. Was really full after that!

Complimentary Bread (if you order Western food)

Chicken Chop - RM 14.90

We went back to my house but nobody was home. So, we went back to 112. Moments later, SC, AM and I brought JT out to BV. Walked around till 10pm before going back.

They dropped me home at about 10.30pm and I took my shower. Started blogging till now. Gotta work again tomorrow. Night!

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