Sunday, November 14, 2010


Picked JW up again in the morning. Watched TV till lunch time. Ate at Mizu. Had the Chicken Teriyaki.

Chicken Teriyaki

Back home, I napped for about half an hour before watching Glee. Took turns to shower till it was dinner time.

All of us including SS and family plus MM and AC came for the dinner. I had the sirloin steak which was okay. Too pricey if you ask me.

Mini Cupcakes and an Ang Pau from SS and family

Chillie Beef with Corn Chips - RM 20.90

NZ Rack of Lamb - 48.90

Australian Grain-fed Sirloin - RM 48.90

Later, we had desserts. I didn't fancy the pies but the Nut Brittle was very delicious and addictive!

Pecan Pie - RM 12.90

Apple Pie - RM 9.90

Nut Brittle (cashew nuts) - RM 12.90

JW and I then shared a Tennessee Coffee which was actually coffee with Jack Daniel's Whiskey. I didn't like it though.

Tennessee Coffee - RM 17.00

Overall, the food here was nice but the prices were absurd. Don't think we will be coming back in the near future. Dad paid for the bomb and we went back home. :P

This is the bomb. RM 782.60

Later, a few of us went to Starbucks for a quick drink. All of us shared drinks and sat there till about 11.20pm.

Toffee Nut Latte

Back home, I started blogging. Then as it was nearing midnight, we came up with the great idea of using my Christmas present since about 3-4 years.

It was a confetti blaster. So we counted down, and JW blasted the confetti. It was a minute worth of fun. And watching the videos of it made all of us laugh.

But, we had loads of trouble after that! J had to sweep my room because it was SUCH A MESS! Took us about 10 minutes to clean up. :P


Anyway, I'm gonna end this post here. Goodnight. :)


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