Thursday, November 4, 2010


Went to work at 10.30am today. Another colleague and I held the place up while my manager and some staff went to get ingredients.

I took a break at 3.30pm and went to Sushi Tei with JW. We took some stuff off the conveyor. The sushi here is really different than the others. We couldn't pin-point the cause though.

Soft Shell Crab Maki - RM 6.80

But we both agreed that we won't be coming back again because Sushi Zanmai is still the better choice.

Went back to work till 6.30pm. And for once after 2 weeks, we have Chocolate!

Later, JW and I walked down from Gardens to the Bangsar Kuil. That's because mum, who was supposed to pick me up at 6.30pm, decided to go pick E first. So we did that to save her time.

After that, I gathered my stuff and drove to Klang. Went out for dinner with her family and aunty.

Came back and hung out till about 11.15pm. Going off now. Bye...

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