Monday, November 8, 2010

Turn Of Events

Went to work at 2.30pm today. My colleague then told me I can go back at 6.30pm because they were over-staffed.

So I asked mum to pick me up. Then, I got ready and drove over to Sunway Pyramid. Since I was free, I decided to join a few others to celebrate VV's birthday. We went to Shogun.

Some of the food we took

The food there was okay but the selection wasn't that great. We were still stuffed and satisfied after that though.

AF got him a small piece of cake and we sang him the birthday song. Later, he gave a toast and we went off. Of course, we paid for his food too.

Mini Cake from Chocolate

VV the Birthday Boy

We walked around the mall and took some crazy pictures. I've uploaded them on my FB page so you can't see them if you do not personally know anyone in that album.

Two of the crazy pictures! :P

VV and I

Later, we went to Club9 to check out their prices. The branch here is almost 3 times more expensive than the one in SS15. So we decided to go off.

Dropped them back at the hostel before I came home...

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