Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Mum brought me to the optician today. Got myself a new frame. Then, we went to La Bodega for brunch. I ordered their "Salt Beef Sandwich" which came with some mustard. I spread the mustard all over and took a bite of the sandwich.

Salt Beef Sandwich - RM 17

MY NOSE WAS DYING! That mustard was even stronger than wasabi! Had to drink lots of water and scrape off the mustard. But I spread it so well earlier that not much could be removed. So I ate the sandwich while gulping water. Didn't really enjoy that RM17 brunch...

Mum sent me to work at 3pm. At about 7.10pm, I went for my break. Ate at Subway and ordered their "Sub of the Day". Can't believe I'm eating sandwich AGAIN!

Sub of the Day (Tuna) - RM 7.50

And for supper, I had sandwich again! Nah, just kidding. Actually, I had an ice cream and a cup of shake. :P

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