Thursday, November 11, 2010


Was supposed to meet JW today but she canceled. Later, I ate my lunch and went over to Gardens for work. Mum came to collect the car after her appointment.

My boss told me about the jeans promo in Animal. So during my break, I went to get my pair of RM289 jeans. And I only paid about 10.4% of the original price! :D :D

Had dinner in Subway. It was good and quick. I still had about 20 minutes to play with my iPod before going back to work.

Sub of the Day

My phone ran out of credit yesterday so I couldn't call my mum. Thank goodness she has a BB and unlimited data. So all I had to do was use my iPod to email her. Feels kinda cool! :p

She picked me up as usual. And back home, I gave E some ice cream, showed M my new jeans, and then went into the kitchen to throw my socks into the laundry basket.

That's when JW APPEARED from behind the washing machine and took a picture of me! And next to the fridge was a cake. HOMEMADE MALTESERS CHEESECAKE! All effort thanks to M, J and of course, JW! :D

My birthday cake! :D

Everyone sang me the birthday song and I was really smiling. The cheesecake was very rich! After one piece, all of us were full. MM, who usually limits her food intake, took TWO pieces because she said it was good!

BEST BIRTHDAY so far! :)

Anyway, I'm ending this post here as it is already over 1am. Still gotta wait for JW to finish using my laptop before I can upload my pictures. Night...

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