Saturday, November 13, 2010


Woke up at 7am and got ready. Picked JW up and came back home. Then, all of us went to Eden Dim Sum. SS and family came too.

Later, we went back home and watched TV till E came back from art class. All of us then flipped the Konyaku jelly onto a plate. It was so wobbly! :)

Konyaku Jelly

Bouncy bouncy!

All of us went to IKEA for lunch. There, I had 10 pieces of meatballs. Later, we walked around but didn't get what we wanted.


Then, we decided to make salad for dinner. So all of us went to Tesco and bought some stuff. Got home at about 4.30pm.

All of us then gathered around and had an opening ceremony for the Cheesecake. And it was DELICIOUS! :)

We rested for a short while before going over to 97. There, we prepared salad for dinner. After about an hour, our Caesar Salad and Potato Salad was ready to be served.




Potato Salad

Watched TV while waiting for the girls to take their shower. At about 8pm, we had our dinner. The salad turned out to be too sour! Potato salad was good though.

My dinner

Later in the night, SS and family came. We finished the rest of the Cheesecake and all of us still wanted MORE! Too bad. :(

Tomorrow we may be going to 105 for another baking project. Off to bed now. Night...

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