Monday, February 28, 2011

First Day of my First Sem

Woke up early today. Had cereal and got ready for Uni. Went to wait for the bus. I was the first to get on. It was super jammed. An hour later, we reached the city.

Went to X303 for my "Resume Writing" session. Then, I went to the city for brunch. Stomach was growling. Ordered the Hungry Jack's Breakfast Set. It was good.

Hungry Jacks Extra Value Brekky - AUD 4.95

Hung around there till 11am. After that, I walked around the city. Went to a bookshop and bought a book for AUD2.

Later, I went back to Uni. Bought an umbrella before going to class. Made friends with a Taiwanese guy. After class, we went to Library.

An hour later, I had a tutorial. That went on for an hour. I was actually shocked because the lecturer said she wants to check our work. Turns out, we have to print the tutorial before hand and complete it BEFORE we come for class.

Anyway, I went to the city again for dinner. Was planning to have Fish and Chips but most of the stalls in the foodcourt were closed! In the end, I ordered from this fast food outlet called "Oporto".

Fiesty BBQ Bacon (with set) - AUD8

After that, I went back to QUT for the last class of the day. It was in the huge lecture hall Z411. This class was scheduled to end at 9pm. But the lecturer understand our situation so she ended the class at 8.45pm.

Because of that, I managed to rush to the bus station for the 9.15pm bus. This time, I was the last passenger to get off the last bus. Haha.

Back home, I quickly showered and turn on the laptop. It's almost 12am now. Goodnight...

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