Saturday, February 12, 2011

To Brisbane

Barely sleep the night before. Maybe just 15 minutes. Was busy with my laptop. Got up at 5am and took my shower.

Finalized my luggage and loaded them in the car. We then drove to KLIA. JW, GG, PP, MM, GTA, and the rest of my family were there too.

We ate at Burger King and bought some food from Delifrance. Said goodbye at about 8am. Went pass immigration and walked to my gate.

Once I reached there, the guard told me that the flight to Brisbane has been delayed till 1.35am. 4 hours later than it should be.

Since I didn't have a choice, I just walked around the area. Used the laptop until the battery died.

Then, I went to Obrien's to get some food. There, I charged my laptop and watched Glee. Surfed the net till it was 12.30pm.

Then, I went to the gate and passed another security check. Waited another 40 minutes before we could board the plane.

In the plane, I slept, watched TV, and ate. Kept alternating between these 3. TV was as impressive as I expected. This was just an overhead TV and we had no say on what we want to watch.

Arrived at Brisbane International Airport just before 12am local time. By the time I got off the plane and got my luggage, it was already 12.30am. Waited another 20 over minutes to get through customs.

GTM was there to meet me. He drove to the City and showed me around. Then, we went back to his house.

Took my shower. It was already 2am when I was done. Quickly went to bed and called it a day...

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