Thursday, February 10, 2011

CNY 2011: Day 8

Woke up at about 11.30am. Got ready and went to pick JW up. Then, we went to Pyramid. Walked around and bought 2 bottles and a nail clipper.

After that, we went to T-bowl for lunch. AC, KW and ZS were an hour late. We ate some fried mushrooms and french toast while waiting.

Fried Inoki Mushrooms

French Toast

When everyone was here, we ordered our food. JW and I shared a set. It wasn't that great though. Don't think I'd come here again...


Honey Lemon Tea

Ice Cream

JW went off with her uncle while I stayed back. Caught up with my friends. It was nice to exchange stories. Went back home at about 4pm.

Took a nap till 6pm. Drove to BU and waited in the petrol station. JW's cousin then led me and JW to LaLaCheong for dinner with two of JW's uncle and their families.

Came home at about 8.30pm. Used the laptop till 10.30pm before watching Glee. At 11.30pm, we went downstairs to help GM "Bai Tin Kung".

Continued watching Glee. Later, I drove JW back home. Used the laptop till now...

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