Thursday, February 24, 2011


Same old routine this morning. Woke up, cleaned up, had breakfast and washed up. Later, I used the laptop. Had lunch and thought AS some computer stuff. She definitely learns faster than mum. :P


At 3.30pm, I got ready and went out to the city. Waited outside Hungry Jacks for my friend to arrive. Then, we met up with another few girls.

6 of us then took the bus to Auchenflower. Once there, we walked to a house. There were at least another 10 people there.

Chatted with those people for a while. All of us introduced ourselves Then, we had Dominos pizza for dinner. Next up was games. We played a game for us to remember each other's names. Then we played "Squirrel & Hunter" which was messy but fun.

After that we sang some songs with some actions. It was fun. Later was a praise session where we sang songs. Then, it was announcement time.

Finally, it was the sharing session. TC, G and I were grouped together. Went up to his room and shared some thoughts.

My friend and I walked to the bus stop. Right when I was looking at the bus times, the bus passed me. I waved and waved but the bus drove away.

Luckily, J has a car so he picked us up and sent me home. GTM was waiting for me. It was 90 minutes pass his usual bedtime. :S

Anyway, its 12.17am already. Goodnight...

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