Saturday, February 5, 2011

CNY 2011: Day 3

Woke up at 11.30am and washed up. Then, we went to 97 and met AS there. After a short while, she left. The angpau she gave us had instructions that teaches us how to fold a origami rabbit.


We took 2 cars and went out for lunch. Arrived at Pitstop but it was closed. So, we visited SStwo Mall instead.

Most of the shops here weren't open yet. Walked around and decided to try Henry Cook. They had opening promotions and the kids meal was very worth it.

Set 2 (Soup+Fruit Punch+Chicken with Rice) - RM 10.00

My food wasn't that great though. Kinda like middle-eastern food. Don't think I will come back to this restaurant.

Later, we bought Kik Kok because they had a set. RM 5.90 for any Kik Kok and any drink. I had the Banana+Butter+Cappucino Kik Kok and J took the Lychee Bubble Tea.

Went back home and rested for a short while. Then, we headed to M's babysitter's house. Stayed for about 40 minutes before going to 112.

There, we played Mahjong till 6.30pm. Won a total of RM 6.90 (won RM 9.50 yesterday). We had lots of fun and food.

All of us then went to Damansara Perdana. WM treated us (Our family, SS's family, DGG's family, and her family) to a dinner at Steam King Restaurant.

Food was quite good. When we were done, all of us drove to her house. She brought out lots of stuff and we helped her eat quite a lot of it.

Went back home at about 10.30pm. For most of the people I met today, it would probably be the final time I see them before I leave for Brisbane.

Anyway, we came back home and I started using the laptop till now. It's almost 1am already. Goodbye...

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