Wednesday, February 9, 2011

CNY 2011: Day 7

Woke up and went to pick JW. We then came back to Bangsar and had breakfast at the mamak opposite AA Pharmacy. Food was good here.

Teh Tarik

Roti Canai

Murtabak Kambing

Later, we went to AA and I bought RM250 worth of stuff. Came back home to rest for about an hour.

Then, mum, JW and I went to Gardens. Had lunch in Tony Roma's. 3 of us had 2 plates of ribs. Were full after that.

Roma Rack

Mini Apple Dessert

Continued shopping till we got a call from M. J had an incident with some pyscho motorcylist. Apparently he's been going around splashing Turpentine on strangers in Bangsar. Unfortunately my sister was one of his victims.

Went to Pantai and was glad to see my sister safe. Nothing really serious. While we were at the hospital, JW and I even bought sunglasses. :P

Drove back to Gardens and bought the remaining items. Had dinner in Sakae Sushi BV2. As usual, they had crappy service.


Came home and started packing. JW did most of the stuffing. :P

At about 12am, I sent her home. Came back and settled some stuff with my computer...

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