Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Orientation Day 3

Woke up at about 8am today and cleaned up. Ate cereal for breakfast before washing up. Took the laundry in and went to wait for the bus.

Once in the city, I went to Westpac. Later, I walked to QUT and took the bus to Kelvin Grove. Walked around and met up with a friend.

We then bought our 2 dollar lunches. The food in KG wasn't as nice though. The vege and rice wasn't even nice.

Vege and Chicken - AUD 2

While I was eating, 2 guys came over and talked to us. I wasn't that impressed at first. But after talking for a bit, I kinda enjoyed the conversation. Maybe because the wind was cooling and we were under a good shady place.

About half an hour or more later, we went to another "Financial Support" Session. Then at 3.30pm, I headed to E Block for the "Student Guild Information Session".

Went to the library for a short while. Then I realized the next thing I signed up for is at 6.30pm. Since I don't want to do nothing for 2 hours and reach home late at night, I decided to skip it and go home.

Got back to Gardens Point at 4.45pm. Walked to the bus stop in the city. The bus arrived just in time!

This time, the bus took a different route although it was still the 433! I pressed the bell and the bus stopped at another place. I didn't get down and waited for the next stop.

I did not recognize the next stop. So I quickly went down before the bus went too far away. I recognized some parts of the road so I continued walking.

For about 1km, I was clueless if I was in the right track. Another 5 minutes of walking later, I was relieved to see a familiar sight. According to Google Maps, I walked 1.5km instead of 300m. :S

1: Original Route
2: Route Taken

Got home at 6.30pm. Had dinner just before 7pm. Cleaned up as usual before sorting some papers out.

Took my shower and used the computer for the rest of the night. Don't have to wake up early tomorrow. Great!

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